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            How to correct the people of Almighty God
            Adjust font size:   Close Kaiwind Dan Lin 2016-04-21

            As an anti-cult volunteer, I recently contacted some people from the Almighty God cult and, through the communication with them, I feel that they should be corrected differently because of their different previous beliefs, personal experiences, education backgrounds and degrees of obsession.

            On the basis of previous beliefs. the people of Almighty God could be divided into two parts: those who never believed in Christianity and those who used to be Christians.

            In the process of correcting these two kinds of people, different methods and emphases shall be adopted. For example, those who do not have a foundation in the Bible generally have comparatively simple thoughts and their motivation is more realistic and utilitarian. Some people were in bad health condition and when told that female Christ could protect them with peace, they are seduced into the Almighty God. Liu always had bad temper due to the poor health condition and when hearing that believing in Almighty God could gain the blessings from God, he then joined the organization. After coming to the Correction Center, she could not use Bible to defend Almighty God, as she had never believe in Christianity before. After we exposed the reality of how the cult harmed the society, the cult nature as well as its political conspiracy, she was greatly surprised and stated that she never knew this was a trap. She used to think the Almighty God was the same as Christianity, requiring human to keep kindness and since this cult was so horrible, she would depart with the Almighty God and return to her family and the society. She expressed that her body really became better after she began to believe in Almighty God and we analyzed for her that this was just psychology hint and she got sense of peace and safety in heart, which anaesthetized her mind and as her attention was diverted, she seemed having found the spiritual bailment. Feeling better is not the contribution of Almighty God but just psychological and physiological reaction. More importantly, her illness was not a fatal one and Almighty God made her divert the life focus from family love..... She felt it reasonable after hearing what we said. We also talked about female virtues by Wang Fengyi, the “impelling power”, “action and reaction power” in traditional culture, scientific diet and health maintenance, etc. She listened with satisfaction and said that if she had known there were so many good knowledge in the world, she would never have believed in the Almighty God. She learned well and felt great sense of fulfillment after diverting her focus to traditional cultural disc, psychology knowledge, etc.

            But, those who had the Bible faith basis have more complicated thoughts. I once contacted several people of the Almighty God, who went to the church with parents at young age, reading Bible. Once we mentioned Almighty God, they would use the words in bible to justify and use the Bible stories to defend the Almighty God. For example, there was a personof Almighty God, who once believed in Bible and when we tried to analyze for him on why Zhao Weishan and Yang Xiangbin required donations from the believers, he would use the Bible stories to justify. He said: in the Bible, we could also read that God once required Abraham to donate his son Isaac and when Abraham did so and would burn Issac, the God used lamb to replace Issac. Actually, the God did not want to burn Issac, but to test Abraham’s loyalty to God. “Female Christ” asked for donation to test people’s loyalty to God as well. We explained to her that God returned Issac to Abraham, but “female Christ” collected true money from believers and shall return to them if she was really testing the believers. After hearing this, she became wordless. When we talked about Words Come into Flesh Body and how Yang Xiangbin threatened the believers, he justified that this was not mental control, as in the Bible, God also could become angry and destroy Sodom and Gomorrah cities, where the people had turned evil. For this issue, we pointed that this belonged to a common sense fault and the reality was quite different. In 1924, archaeologists discovered an oasis at the southeast of Dead Sea and unearthed some altar relics as well as some pot relics and flints. According to the research, these things belong to the relics between 2500 B.C. to 2000 B.C. and some marks proofed that the nearby mountain once broke and sank into the Dead Sea. They also found the mixing layers of mud and sulphur. According to these finding, researchers deducted that this place used to be a residential area which was ruined by a natural disaster instead of by the angry God......When mentioned about the harm and heresy, they would use Bible to defend. So for those who had faith in Christian, not only should we analyze the cult nature of Almighty God for them, but help them to comprehend Bible in correct way and to differentiate Christian from Almighty God completely. Not only should we research the Almighty God heresy, but also try hard to study the Bible and grasp its history, creating background, author, etc. We have to comprehend and analyze the Bible from perspective of historiography, religion, ethnology, theology, literature, eastern-western cultural comparison, etc., and expose how the Almighty God distorts the Bible, just as how Falun Gong distorts the Buddhism. The Almighty God utilizes the Bible and denies it at the same time, full of contradictions. For example, in the Words Come into Flesh Body, one sentence in the Bible was repeatedly cited: “heaven and earth could be abolished, but my words couldn’t.” But in Words Come into Flesh Body,  Bible, she denied Bible and saw Bible as outdated historical book, which was worthless to people in nowadays......We help people to understand the absurdity of Almighty God and to comprehend Bible by carefully analysis and criticism. In a communication with a woman believer, we came to know that she began to go to church at the age of nine with her mother and to some extent, grasped the meaning of Bible, but always confused the Almighty God with Bible. She finally understood the fraudulence of Almighty God heresies.

            According to the different obsession degrees, Almighty God believers could be divided into deeply obsessed people, common believers and coerced ones.

            For the deeply obsessed believers, we should completely understand the reason why he or she joined the cult, his or her personality, experience, family environment, etc., and develop careful psychological correction work. We expose and criticize the heresy of Almighty God from perspective of its harm to family and society, its illegality, its sophistries, etc., to psychological unblocking work. Generally, the deeply obsessed believers would attend the illegal activities held by Almighty God and it is top necessary to make them realize the huge threaten of the cult.

            For the common believers, after telling them the harm and illegality of Almighty God, we mainly grasp the reason, which mislead them into the cult. We mainly help them to learn to settle family problems if this is the key factor. If because of life frustration, we would help to analyze the reasons behind and to help create correct anti-frustration consciousness. If because of the poor health, we would help them to find out the reasons and teach them methods on how to keep healthy and how to enhance health consciousness.  

            For those coerced people, generally, we illustrate to them of national policies and laws as well as the fraudulence of Almighty God. As not so deeply obsessed, they would not have too much emotional tangles after understanding the truth of the cult and thus easily get rid of it. While, we shall not step into such a misunderstanding area that they are just coerced and everything will be ok as long as they obey the laws. Actually, since they could be coerced, they must have some weakness, which could be utilized and corroded by the cult. If we don’t deeply research on their thought origins and help them to enhance the discrimination ability, to build up correct “values”, they would still be captured by other cults sometime, even if they have left Almighty God today.

            According to different education levels, the believers could be divided into highly educated ones and low educated ones.

            During the progress of psychological correction to the cult believers, the writer found one similarity that those who was not educated or low educated have naive thought and lack deliberation ability. Seldom do they think over the cult theories nor would they accept the positive ideas. When participating the cult, they just believe in what other told them and when stepping out of the cult, they usually forget it quickly. They normally have no blocks in heart when trying to accept new knowledge and to build new life coordinate. For example, I came into contact with a woman of Almighty God, who has simple thought and believes in Almighty God without any reservation or hesitation. After breaking off from Almighty God, she watched the disc showing Chinese traditional culture attentively and exclaimed: “traditional culture is extremely great and I would never believe in Almighty God if I had known that our ancestors had left us some many personhood principles!” She easily accepted our traditional culture in the heart.

            But another believer who had higher education background was quite different. She enjoyed reading and was good at thinking (but no correct thinking ways). She had stronger discrimination ability, but obsessed in the cult, many of her ideas were on the wrong basis and drew incorrect conclusions accordingly. But she really liked to analyze when faced with problems.

            Unlike those comparatively low educated people, she would not completely accept ideas when watching the traditional culture disc, but constantly raised her questions. For example, when watching the disc mentioning: “action and reaction”, she said: “karma is also expressed in our traditional culture and our Party shall not see it as the dominant culture and propaganda.” We analyzed for her: “the qualification, morality, awareness and life state are at different levels among social people. There are advanced culture, elite culture, mainstream culture as well as general view of value. The culture of our Party belongs to the advanced culture, believing in serving the people wholeheartedly, the Party is built for the public and it exercises state power for the people. This is a very high ideology and standard, but only restricts our Party members instead of common people. For example, when Wen Chuan earthquake took place, the minimum donation for the officers above Director level is strictly ruled but volunteer for common people. Spreading in society, traditional culture faces mostly common people  may break away from their mental capacity, then become unacceptable. For example, if they are eager for peach and virtue rewards, traditional culture just completely analyze kindness karma from perspectives of regulation, psychology, science, morality, etc., and strongly resonate among common people instead of from the perspective of superstition.” After hearing our explanations, she felt our analysis sounded very reasonable and stepped out of the misunderstanding areas. Additionally, on many matters, she would not simply absorb the knowledge from lectures or books, but put forward all kinds of hesitation and questions. We then started communication with her on multi-level, affirming her questions and speculative spirit and guided her thought and speculative viewpoints to the right rail, thus enhanced her ability of logical deliberation, discrimination, multi-perspective as well as analyzing matters. So, for the high level educated believers, we must pay attention to this characteristic and do well the guiding work with pertinence

            Above is the division on some terms. Many other types could also be drawn from different perspectives, on which I would not state too much later. Of course, above is only theoretical analysis but the facts could be more complicated during the correction process. We should grasp their similarity and characteristic according to different situation and conduct correction work correspondingly.

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